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    It’s been a year now! Congratulations girls ^^

  • MTOT

    this webcomic reminds me of Vancouver :( it’s always raining there too :,( but awesome story :))))

    • LittleMissInnocent

      the story is set in lower mainland, bc. i think the girls are from coquitlam.

  • Anthony

     Thank you for making this comic, I’m 20 and since I was young I felt shame and went into denial about my sexuality but in January I finally admitted it to myself (that I am gay) when i realized I had a crush on a friend. I’ve going through extreme depression because my family does not know and I have an extremely homophobic relative who lives at my house, and hearing his rants makes me feel horrible every day and the stress is taking a toll on my mind and body but I look forward to this and another Web comic every week because they make me hope someday I can feel normal again.

    • D. Garrett

      ****gives u a big hug.

    • http://lepopofficial.tumblr.com/ LePop

      But its my mom that’s extremely homophobic.
      She’s now slowly beginning to accept it. It’s been a year since I came out. I’m 18.

      Please know that that cliche phrase “It gets better” is actually true. I never believed it because I said, “PFFT! As if, are you LOOKING at my situation?!? These people can never change!” and I found myself pleasantly surprised afterwards.
      The beginning is always rough, me and my mom especially had a rough 7 months because she’s really religious and used to constantly scorn gay people. She went into depression and wouldn’t eat, I went into depression because I felt that I couldn’t live happily AS MY TRUE SELF if my mom didn’t accept it. I came close to suicide while my mom kept praying for me to be straight. We’re both bad at communicating with each other because we are very different people, but we eventually got our talk. Several bad, to okay, to very good talks actually. And things started to look bright again.
      I came close to literally dying during the last days of 2014 too (I was like shit I’m gonna be reading ARH from another dimension), and that experience exposed to me how tolerating my family really is with all this “taboo” stuff (gay porn, sex toys, gay adoption, that stuff).
      So yeah, it does get better, and I’m still working at it, its just that before you give it the chance and the time, it looks like a fucking mess! But trust me hun, it gets so much better.

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  • Vanilla

    Hi, thank you so much for creating such a lovely piece of work :) Hummmm, I really really like this story and I would like to translate it into Chinese for more people to see it (yeah I’m Chinese btw). Will that be fine with you if I give you a link of where I post it when I finish the translation? If you’re not willing to let me do so, then I won’t. But anyway I love it and I want to read more!!!!

  • Namsuomynona

    honestly, who wears headphones in the rain?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CU3NDKCJWG5V23N53RR5NS3GBI Comet

      You mean you’ve never listened to music while walking home in the rain before?

      • Namsuomynona

        no because I don’t have anything to listen to music on and I would assume the headphones would break from the water ::::X

        • thegunshow


    • http://www.fanpop.com/fans/IamKyon Chococone

      Ummm, I do. :>

      • Namsuomynona

        ::::X well then I apologise

  • Fawklner Adler Company

    One of the best comics I have ever read. Congratulations and keep making rain so enjoyable.

  • Rainshine, the Grammar Hyena

    I started to read this comic a while back but quickly ran out of new pages to look at (I’m incredibly impatient with things like that and prefer to wait a while and read several new pages at once. lawl), so I stopped reading it for a while and just now remembered that it existed and came back to read more. I really like this comic, and I hope to see it continued for a long time. c:

  • Leonardo

    Beautiful cover =D

  • Kév

    french version?

  • Steph

    This is not fun to read on my iPhone. Literally will automatically take me to a random page every time I’m halfway reading a page. Frustrating…

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler


  • Keefa

    Do you ever just look back and marvel at how far the art has come? Even the character designs have changed so much!

    It’s amazing ❤️

    • nate salsa

      You know what I was craving some nice bl comic love, and I freaking found it. I can’t stop smiling because of the cute characters, keep up the great work, alright I need to go to bed now bye

  • Yuu-chan.

    I jumped straight from the latest update to the first page because I wanted to re-read the comic and I noticed just how far your art has improved. Truly amazing.

  • Yuue Cain

    i really wanna flatter u about how amazing is your improvement of your art style

  • Yuue Cain

    i really wanna flatter u about how amazing is your improvement of your art style

  • OdFangirl

    …another comment about your art improvement?

  • http://thirteenthmonth.deviantart.com/ thechoppychapgirl

    ARH, TOY and Welcome to Room #305 are the best comics out there. :)

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dary-Cheshire/760014310722141 Dara Mejia Saldivar

      Which one is TOY?? D:

      • http://thirteenthmonth.deviantart.com/ thechoppychapgirl

        Tripping Over You, m’darling.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dary-Cheshire/760014310722141 Dara Mejia Saldivar

          Thank you so much :33

          • http://thirteenthmonth.deviantart.com/ thechoppychapgirl

            <3 My pleasure.

  • Blood Flower

    Sigh just came back to reminisce on how much has changed story wise teheheheh >w>

  • anonymous

    Im so upset! I really want to read this but none of the images load. Im not sure if its got to do with my internet or the site T_T

    • http://thelonerestlessrose.deviantart.com/ Rose Ryuzaki

      sites working just fine for me o_o

  • Intesnity

    The pages won’t load…

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    this looks cute :o

  • Tim

    I came from tumblr and read this three times in one day… this. is. so. good. Their faces are killing me!

  • UnAkibaMas

    Oh my god! I know I’ll love it >//w//<

  • Clarice Oliveira

    Estou apaixonada ≧﹏≦

  • Mana

    Every time there’s an update, I try to save it for as long as I can so I re-read the whole thing until I come to the page that’s updated. And everytime–dayum, the art has gone far.

  • Tim

    i’m so hopeless that i made a genderbent version of them (on Dolldivine)

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dary-Cheshire/760014310722141 Dara Mejia Saldivar

    Ok, this is going to be the 3rd time that i read it. Because bored 7u7r

  • Aere

    *Comments on stunning art improvement and continues to read for third time with much love ♥*

  • shaniii

    love the art !love the plot!i just love everything!!!keep writing ♥♥♥

  • benjirobotan

    I absolutely love this story

  • http://pastel-asscheeks.tumblr.com/ silentmystery

    I CANNOT FIND WORDS IN ANY LANGUAGE TO DO THIS STORY JUSTICE ON HOW AMAZING IT IS. It made me feel so many things and I was completely captured by the plot. I am so emotionally attached to the characters and this is so funny I laughed almost every page XD The art style is also amazing and can be humorous cx Keep up the good work!!

  • M. Wilberts

    Hello xD
    The first time I saw it was on tumblr and I absolutely
    love it ! <3 it's pretty awesome !
    But I lost it and right now I found it again and I'm so
    incredibly happy right now :*
    Good work ! :)

    Yours sincerely just another fangirl xD

  • Anthonyartfart

    oh golly I swear this is gonna be the 3 time I read this, I love it so much quq

  • living1Dpotato
  • http://facebook.com/kittybones4 Cassie (:

    Re-reading or the 4th time I just cannot get enough of this *^* Thank you so so much for creating this amazingness…my life is complete~

  • Violet Schultz

    I just got into this yesterday and read to the update in one day. It was that good.
    The story , the characters and art are all well put together , lovable . Can’t wait for more in the future . I wish I got into this beauty sooner . Hazel and Bell you are wonderful and truly are talented . <3 <3 <3 5 out of 5 star rating to your work!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Ceilidh

    stumbled upon this on Tumblr today can’t wait to read it.

  • Rubix Beat

    I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve reread this. Love this ❤️

  • Biskit Wythtee

    This is so cool because I live around this area, especially the place where this story takes place; I can recognize a lot of the places and the school! I love the story and your art is stunning <3

  • ℓ ϚϦοςӧԼձϮϵ❣⃛

    Oh! Well… I just found this comic!!
    //dies from amazing art

  • yuri<3<3<3

    *found the comic about 10 hours ago*
    *is about to re-read it for the third time*
    *cries because last update was yesterday an ill have to wait a week*

  • Ikaru Elric

    Omfg, that was beatiful!
    I’ll be reading the updates all weeks!
    That history makes my day <3 <3 <3

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    I love this comic so much!!! <3

  • Koi Chi

    Let`s go!

  • Paz Ixe

    Ready to read!I heard this comic is super cewl

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    A little past four long years! This comic has gotten so far!

  • SkySolo

    Lol you nerds have no idea what you’re getting into when you begin this simple and basic as hell looking comic. This is not its final form. It’s final form, without revealing anything at all, is a torrent created by milk and the tears of unsuspecting readers, and a current driven by artists who plague us with pained hearts and twisted stomaches.

    And to be quite frank, it’s the best feeling ever.

    Welcome to the Always Raining Here fandom.

    • https://soundcloud.com/gaetano-de-paola-1 Gaetano De Paola

      Should I worry? Or just begin reading?
      ; ω ;

  • Maia Boulton

    Hi, this is my first time reading Always Raining Here. For some reason I can’t open this page after using it once. I have to restart my phone, and its so frustrating! I really like this and can’t wait to start reading!

  • Josh

    Just started reading this…oh my god I can’t stop. So cute :)

  • Nelly Aguilar

    Wish there was a page number directory, instead of having to press the arrows to take you to the page you were just reading.

    • Banani❤️

      tamper the url

      • Nelly Aguilar

        Im on mah phone.

        • Alfred F. Jones

          You can still tamper with it ._.

          • Nelly Aguilar

            Got it

    • hazel tyler

      see the /cover-2/ at the end of the url? replace that with /page-#/. if i wanted to go to page 52 i would type /page-52/ try that

      • Nelly Aguilar