• Gel

    I know a lot of people have said this already, but it’s crazy how much your art as improved. Keep doing what you’re doing

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    Cute cover.

  • QueenKoi

    Wow, I’m so excited to start this!

  • meme face

    i thought that was kageyama and hinata at first lmao oops

    • oomooloo

      saaaaaaaaame when i saw it on pinterest

  • InTheLittleMe

    whoop excited on beggining this comic <3

  • Jam Banana

    Im rereading this because goddamn even if i want the update right now i wont have it so ill read it again and hope at the end there is a new update. Whooo.

  • Eridan lonely-prince Ampora

    I have re-read this.. 4 MOTHER FUCKING TIMES!!!!!!! in the last.. 2 MOTHER FUCKING DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • +Cadburied_Nutella+

    Let’s get this started people~ <33

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    waaH ok ok i’ve seen lot of fanarts around instagram and now i’m very curious about this kkk let’s get started!

    • Claypuppet31

      1. did u notice you typed kkk
      2. do i read Spring in December first or this??

      • https://www.instagram.com/nyinko/ nyinko

        yeah i intentionally typed that:D but not kkk (laughing in korean) but “okay okay okay”, and read this first! Spring in December is a short story and by reading this first you can know more about the characters in ARH ^-^

        • Claypuppet31

          Thank you!

  • Lollipop

    How do you make your comic?

  • sinnamons

    I finished this in an hour I don’t know if I am disappointed at myself or proud

  • Jess

    I’m trying to read this but it keeps glitching on my phone. Time to bring out the slow PC! XD

  • Mikasa Ackerman

    im ready for the sin

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  • Spoopy pidge

    i NEED to re-read this

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  • Yako Misumine


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    Time to re-read this since it just ended and I need to fill that hole in my empty heart again.

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    i’ve read this over 150 times. <3

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    Read this in an hour, and loved it.

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    Don’t mind me… Just re-reading this~

    • Arthur E. Kirkland


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    i need to stop rereading this omg

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    I think I might be a little obsessed with this…

  • Leviplier

    how do u get to volume 1? I NEED TO RAD ITTTTTT and omg i was looking around and i found out there is a yaoicon, OMG NEED TO GO WHEN TEEN EEEE

  • Davs

    Re-reading c:

  • monkey.D.luffy

    i dont get this is it one page is one character

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    Re-reading this for about the billionth time now. It’s always so great to see how much the artwork has improved.

  • Guest

    Just finished reading Spring in December…

  • Akane Vanié

    Reading in english porque no actualizan en spanish :”v

  • tyler Cottam

    I am rereading this for about the billionth time, I cannot tell how many lives I have seen this comic touch. Hazel and Bell are amazing storytellers and their artwork is amazing, the way the characters mature is absolutely stunning, and I am impressed at how much work they were able to put into this project while also in school and whatever other things they do in their everyday lives.
    I loved this comic, and I have seen so many people’s lives changed, even slightly, because of it. My parents do not know that I am bi and I cannot tell them, so, I cannot read Away in Summer, as that requires me to pay for something I can’t without my parent’s knowledge. I would love it so much if you could at some point post Away in Summer on this site, I realize that you guys need funding from something and Patreon is good for that, but it saddens me that I and other people in similar situations cannot read it….
    I’d also be surprised if Hazel or Bell even read this and/or responded but I would really appreciate it.

  • Blue_lue

    I love rereading this but this time I’m going to get my friend into this some more people will be dragged into this

  • Blue_lue

    This is my go-to road trip comic

  • Sumiu liere


  • Poppyjaz

    I’m trying to read this, but the pages jump about randomly, if i use the arrows. If i just click the pages it’s fine, but as soon as i zoom in (im using my phone) Same thing, the pages jump randomly. Oh well. Looked like a good read. :(

  • jess

    Saw this on webtoon but it nvr updated there so I came looking for it :) hopefully this will be a good read

    • Keli Y

      I just looked it up and it’s not on webtoon??

  • Jacey Cat

    This looks so cute! I would read it online, but I’d rather read a physical copy. That’s why I’m saving up $20 so I can buy the first book!

    • Ryan

      there is a book?!

      • https://www.facebook.com/shinbonrakugo/ Bodt’s butt freckles

        There are two in the store

  • pj

    I’m reading this again and it never gets old

  • Ryan

    this is so good! i need more! this is the third time i have read this glorious comic! X)

  • Stan Marsh

    I saw you guys at Sakura Con! I hadn’t known about your comic before hand yet I decided to purchase a piece of artwork anyways (My friends and I were cosplaying Breath of the Wild Link, Zelda, and Nydra). When I returned back home from the trip, I binge read it all. Honestly, this is an amazing comic. I got all my friends to read it and they love it too. They’re all jealous that I have signed artwork and I’m glad I got it too. Anyways, I’ll make sure to buy both physical volumes either next year if I see you again or (if I get to impatient) online. Thank you for your amazing work! I encourage you two to keep it up!

  • Mary

    Found this through an anime mep video (don’t ask, things happen) and it was so cute, refreshing, and funny. Not only that but it also did such a great job at normalizing gay relationships and the portrayal of gay youths. Anyway this was amazing. Thanks for creating something so powerful.

  • AlwaysRainingHereFan

    I love it. I think of this book all the time and it makes me happy. I don’t usually like reading or reading a same book twice. But I would read this book more than 1 000 times <3 Even if its pretty long. I love the artstyle, the personalities of the characters, the plot and the everything. I even posted a comment of it on instagram (@ItsMeSugaTheGodOfGamers), telling others to read it. Always raining here is a next level of perfect <333 Keep it up!

  • Ofri Zecharia

    I can’t read it, the pages keep jumping from 7page to 223 idk what to dooo

    • Cas

      Same please fix it somebody

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  • Ira Chesley

    It’s cool how, as you go through the comic, you can actually see the improvement of her art, and that pretty satisfying to see. And the story overall was really good! Definitely a must read for LGBT, or just some horny girl at 3 (lol, no flame!)

  • henrique f.

    I’m here after seven years……….. And still my fav comic

  • Renee

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually read this. A friend first showed it to me back in 2013, and it’s literally my favorite comic of all time now

  • iM a yOung GaY

    it been 8 years and I’m still sobbing every time I see the ending

    • GayerThanThou

      God, it’s been 8 years already? I remember first discovering this comic when it was less than halfway done. Simpler times.