• Gel

    I know a lot of people have said this already, but it’s crazy how much your art as improved. Keep doing what you’re doing

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    Cute cover.

  • QueenKoi

    Wow, I’m so excited to start this!

  • meme face

    i thought that was kageyama and hinata at first lmao oops

    • oomooloo

      saaaaaaaaame when i saw it on pinterest

  • InTheLittleMe

    whoop excited on beggining this comic <3

  • Jam Banana

    Im rereading this because goddamn even if i want the update right now i wont have it so ill read it again and hope at the end there is a new update. Whooo.

  • Eridan lonely-prince Ampora

    I have re-read this.. 4 MOTHER FUCKING TIMES!!!!!!! in the last.. 2 MOTHER FUCKING DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • +Cadburied_Nutella+

    Let’s get this started people~ <33

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    waaH ok ok i’ve seen lot of fanarts around instagram and now i’m very curious about this kkk let’s get started!

    • Claypuppet31

      1. did u notice you typed kkk
      2. do i read Spring in December first or this??

      • https://www.instagram.com/nyinko/ nyinko

        yeah i intentionally typed that:D but not kkk (laughing in korean) but “okay okay okay”, and read this first! Spring in December is a short story and by reading this first you can know more about the characters in ARH ^-^

        • Claypuppet31

          Thank you!

  • Lollipop

    How do you make your comic?

  • sinnamons

    I finished this in an hour I don’t know if I am disappointed at myself or proud

  • Jess

    I’m trying to read this but it keeps glitching on my phone. Time to bring out the slow PC! XD

  • Mikasa Ackerman

    im ready for the sin

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  • Spoopy pidge

    i NEED to re-read this

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  • Yako Misumine


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    Time to re-read this since it just ended and I need to fill that hole in my empty heart again.

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    i’ve read this over 150 times. <3

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    Read this in an hour, and loved it.

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    Don’t mind me… Just re-reading this~

    • Arthur E. Kirkland


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    i need to stop rereading this omg

  • Aki The Deer Boy

    I think I might be a little obsessed with this…

  • Leviplier

    how do u get to volume 1? I NEED TO RAD ITTTTTT and omg i was looking around and i found out there is a yaoicon, OMG NEED TO GO WHEN TEEN EEEE

  • Davs

    Re-reading c:

  • monkey.D.luffy

    i dont get this is it one page is one character

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    Re-reading this for about the billionth time now. It’s always so great to see how much the artwork has improved.

  • Guest

    Just finished reading Spring in December…

  • Akane Vanié

    Reading in english porque no actualizan en spanish :”v

  • tyler Cottam

    I am rereading this for about the billionth time, I cannot tell how many lives I have seen this comic touch. Hazel and Bell are amazing storytellers and their artwork is amazing, the way the characters mature is absolutely stunning, and I am impressed at how much work they were able to put into this project while also in school and whatever other things they do in their everyday lives.
    I loved this comic, and I have seen so many people’s lives changed, even slightly, because of it. My parents do not know that I am bi and I cannot tell them, so, I cannot read Away in Summer, as that requires me to pay for something I can’t without my parent’s knowledge. I would love it so much if you could at some point post Away in Summer on this site, I realize that you guys need funding from something and Patreon is good for that, but it saddens me that I and other people in similar situations cannot read it….
    I’d also be surprised if Hazel or Bell even read this and/or responded but I would really appreciate it.

  • Blue_lue

    I love rereading this but this time I’m going to get my friend into this some more people will be dragged into this

  • Blue_lue

    This is my go-to road trip comic

  • Sumiu liere


  • Poppyjaz

    I’m trying to read this, but the pages jump about randomly, if i use the arrows. If i just click the pages it’s fine, but as soon as i zoom in (im using my phone) Same thing, the pages jump randomly. Oh well. Looked like a good read. :(

  • jess

    Saw this on webtoon but it nvr updated there so I came looking for it :) hopefully this will be a good read

    • Keli Y

      I just looked it up and it’s not on webtoon??

  • Jacey Cat

    This looks so cute! I would read it online, but I’d rather read a physical copy. That’s why I’m saving up $20 so I can buy the first book!

    • Ryan

      there is a book?!

      • https://www.facebook.com/shinbonrakugo/ Bodt’s butt freckles

        There are two in the store

  • pj

    I’m reading this again and it never gets old

  • Ryan

    this is so good! i need more! this is the third time i have read this glorious comic! X)

  • Stan Marsh

    I saw you guys at Sakura Con! I hadn’t known about your comic before hand yet I decided to purchase a piece of artwork anyways (My friends and I were cosplaying Breath of the Wild Link, Zelda, and Nydra). When I returned back home from the trip, I binge read it all. Honestly, this is an amazing comic. I got all my friends to read it and they love it too. They’re all jealous that I have signed artwork and I’m glad I got it too. Anyways, I’ll make sure to buy both physical volumes either next year if I see you again or (if I get to impatient) online. Thank you for your amazing work! I encourage you two to keep it up!

  • Mary

    Found this through an anime mep video (don’t ask, things happen) and it was so cute, refreshing, and funny. Not only that but it also did such a great job at normalizing gay relationships and the portrayal of gay youths. Anyway this was amazing. Thanks for creating something so powerful.

  • AlwaysRainingHereFan

    I love it. I think of this book all the time and it makes me happy. I don’t usually like reading or reading a same book twice. But I would read this book more than 1 000 times <3 Even if its pretty long. I love the artstyle, the personalities of the characters, the plot and the everything. I even posted a comment of it on instagram (@ItsMeSugaTheGodOfGamers), telling others to read it. Always raining here is a next level of perfect <333 Keep it up!

  • Ofri Zecharia

    I can’t read it, the pages keep jumping from 7page to 223 idk what to dooo

    • Cas

      Same please fix it somebody

  • Ship queen