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Super happy update everyone!!

(thanks for everyone’s patience! :>)

We also updated a bunch of translations over the week! We have added Russian and Polish, and updated some pages in Spanish! I’m working on getting Dutch up as well, so look forward to that!

Want to translate ARH? Check out the translation page to see what you can do to get ARH into your language!

2015 Convention Masterpost

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Hi everyone! Bell and I are planning on being at a bunch of conventions this year, so I’ll be organizing all the convention information here for easy access! We will keep this page updated if any further information comes up.

2015 Convention Schedule!

March 27th – 29th, Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA)

April 3rd – 5th, Sakura-con (Seattle, WA)

May 23th – 24th, Vancaf (Vancouver, BC)

June 27th, The Summer Festival (Burnaby, BC)

July 2nd – 5th, Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

September 18th – 20th, Yaoi-con (San Francisco, CA)

Details under the cut!